Feng Shui is the power of nature and the large magnetic field energy of the universe. The wind is vitality and field energy, and water is flow and change. Feng Shui is originally the art of geography, it is also called geography in ancient times. It is a philosophy that studies the laws of the environment and the universe. The core idea is the harmony between man and nature. Since man is a part of nature, nature is also a part of man, reaching the realm of "harmony between man and nature".

About Ancient Feng Shui Theory

As early as in ancient times, the ancestors of the Chinese nation discovered and practiced all the secrets of Feng Shui:

1. The place of residence must be close to the source of water. Water is the source of life. Without water, it is not conducive to agricultural production, and it is impossible to survive and live without water.

2. Living by the mountains and the water, facing the sun is also a big benchmark for the ancestors to choose to live. Everything depends on the sun for growth. Without sunshine, water and nourishment, without plants, there will be no abundant crops.

3. Living in the place where the rivers meet, it is easy to communicate with the surrounding area, and the transportation is convenient. It is an open living area. The ancestors can communicate with each other and live in harmony.

4. Mountain is a rich resource, water is the root of nurturing people, the mountain is the entity of geomantic omen, is the symbol of the dragon, mountain rich people will rich, the ridge is poor, good water is healthy and happy.

If the water is thin and turbid, people will be affected by the bad natural environment. These are the simplest and most natural feng shui discovered by the ancestors in their infinite practice. In practice, feng shui is in our daily life. In life, after thousands of years of research, exploration, and practice by feng shui and wisdom masters, they have accumulated a wealth of experience, and the true feng shui way came into being.

What is the function of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is mainly related to the location, orientation, construction, and other methods and principles of palaces, residences, villages, and cemeteries. People cannot live without buildings in their work and life. Therefore, the magnetic field in these buildings is always invisible. It affects everyone and affects people’s IQ, mood, mood, and so on.

1. When people are in an unfavorable feng shui environment, feng shui (magnetic field) will lead to factors such as a decline in people’s IQ, emotional instability, etc., leading to unsatisfactory things, wrong decisions, etc.; and if you are in a situation of emotional instability for a long time, It will naturally change people's thinking (that is, fortune) and even cause disease.

2. When a person is in a place with good feng shui, feng shui (magnetic field) will lead to active thinking and cheerful mood; active thinking will naturally improve work efficiency and generate correct ideas. At the same time, if a person is in the mood for a long time In a happy state, the body and mind will be healthier.

In position

The so-called co-position means that a person should be in a reasonable position. This principle is like a person must know his social role. The words and deeds of a national leader must conform to this role positioning. A wife or a husband must conform to this title. Then in a person's feng shui cognition, you must know what kind of reasonable space you should be in to be beneficial to your health and aura management. For example, a person whose attributes of the Five Elements are Yin-Fire and Qi-deficiency is not suitable for being in the true north position of the Space Agency, because the true north position is the sub-hill position, which will adversely affect the person’s heart health and career development. The definition of roles that should be available.


Some people live in a house, and their health will have major problems, which may not be obvious in a short period, but over time, various symptoms will be manifested, and they often seek medical treatment everywhere to no avail. After changing to another residence, all of these uncomfortable symptoms gradually disappeared, and even healed without treatment. This shows that the feng shui pattern of the house is closely related to human health and other aspects. People must live in a suitable house, otherwise once the aura is chaotic, fortune and health will also be affected.



For thousands of years, people who love feng shui have pursued nothing more than peace, health, and harmony. This is the original intention of Auspiciousness. People in ancient times believed that the big universe of nature and the small universe of individuals corresponded to each other, so it was necessary to create an auspicious home environment to help them achieve a happy life. To obtain a good living environment, people must not be vague from the evaluation of the external terrain, the selection of the building shape, to the arrangement of the interior layout design, etc. The ideas of the ancients are the embodiment of their good wishes. As modern people, how should we view Feng Shui?

First of all, we should look at and use Feng Shui with a healthy and correct attitude to pave the way for a better life and future for ourselves.

Secondly, we must also take a correct view of the layout of Feng Shui in the house. We must believe that only by insisting on being square, bright and magnanimous, paying attention to smooth lines, and pursuing natural and harmonious feng shui is truly good feng shui.

To sum up, no matter whether it is home or outdoor feng shui, it must have sufficient lighting, circulating air, flowing water, and a harmonious atmosphere. Only such an environment is suitable for us to live in.